The Lunch Counter

Have you ever sat at a lunch counter? You know, the old fashioned kind with the stools?

There is something comforting about it. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of generations past, eating a sandwich while reading the daily news.

When I was a kid, my mom used to take us to a little drug store with a lunch counter and soda fountain. For us, it was such a treat. We always got to sit on the round stools and order our favorite drink, a cherry coke.

In 2013, a story I wrote was published in a book about special needs parenting. My story leads with an imagined scene of sitting at a lunch counter and continues from there about the special.

Since then, I have shared many copies of that book. I can’t even begin to tell you how many wonderful compliments I’ve heard about my story. There is one in particular that I carry close to my heart:

“I picture myself sitting right beside you at that lunch counter.”

If you haven’t read my story yet, you may not know that I am a miracle momma. My Little Bit is a genuine miracle.

On our journey of miracles, we have met many wonderful mommas and kiddos like us, including this kind soul who pictures herself with me at that lunch counter.

It’s funny, now when I think about my story, I “see” her sitting at that counter with me. And, I can actually imagine other miracle mommas filling up all the other stools. That is really quite something.

Ask any special needs momma about what I like to call the “lonely road”. We’ve all been down it. There are days when we don’t feel like anyone quite “gets” us. Been there myself.

But, her comment made me realize a few things. We are NOT ever really alone, even if that’s what we tell ourselves. Somewhere there is someone who does understand.

Another thing she taught me is, there’s such a beauty in the power of similar circumstances. I mean, even in story form, she was willing to pull up a seat right beside mine.

There is such a grace in that. Seems like in sameness we can be connected, or even being different we can be connected. It is almost like the journey IS the connection.

Here’s to lunch counters… and my momma… and miracles… and old friends and new ones… and to the journeys that seem to bring us together.

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