Being You on a Tuesday

Don’t you just love being in a place where you can be your true self? Just you, being free to self express, being free to show your flaws and your strengths all in one breath?

Wait a second here… Does a place like that even exist? In this big world? The same place where judgment seems to set up a tent on every corner?

Doesn’t seem likely. Especially when its so easy to go into self-preservation mode before we even know we’re in it.

I have noticed that about my own self sometimes. 

I have what I like to call “walls on standby.” I catch myself trying to be ready for someone in case they’re less than nice.  

Sometimes those imaginary bricks are on alert, ready to come up around me if need be. I’d venture to say that’s true for those who have been hurt before because  defense mechanisms tend to kick in. 

As humans we have a tendency to be our own worst critics. That, in turn, can make us wary of others even if we don’t mean to be.

I laugh a little when I think of the difference between animals and people. 

Take our dog for example, he has no self doubt whatsoever. He can go trudging through the pasture, swim in the moss covered pond, stop for a roll in something quite stinky, and reappear at the door with a smile on his face! 

Then, there are Sophie and Lulu, our cats. I can promise you, there isn’t even a scale to measure their self confidence. 

According to them, they are the queens of this world! If only we had a little more of what they have!

Recently I’ve noticed a resurgence of people becoming aware of the fact that it’s ok to be yourself.

  • Don’t eat meat? It’s ok.
  • Night owl? It’s ok.
  • Eat chocolate for breakfast? It’s ok.
  • Jaded past? It’s ok.
  • Sleep until noon? It’s ok.
  • One flaw? It’s ok.
  • A thousand flaws? It IS ok.

Maybe it’s as simple as feeling “at home” in our own skin and having the guts to be our 100% true, authentic selves.

Hmmm. Well, that is definitely a tall order. Are you sure about that? Like all the time? Even on a Tuesday? What about weekends? What about at the store, or at work, or at family gatherings with people you’re related to but barely know?

Yikes! That seems like scary proposition! Who would do such a thing? 

Well… I have been trying it. 

At first it seems a bit overwhelming to let go of what you think everyone thinks of or expects of you. However, there really is a grace in doing so.

All my life my parents have always told me “just be yourself”.

That’s quite a concept. 

“Yourself” is quite amazing. 

Each of us is a unique work of art. We all have our very own talents. We all have beautiful hearts and brilliant minds. Not some of us, not two of us, but all of us.

We are amazing every single day. Every. Single. Day. YOU are filled with amazing-ness today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

What I hope you’ll be able to take out of this, is that maybe you’ll give your true self a chance to shine. 

That maybe if you have those bricks on standby, you’ll just step over them. 

That you will be able to take a deep breath in the authenticity of your true self. 

It seems like in those moments, the tents come down and you shine. Even on a Tuesday.

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