The Homeschool Plunge

Have you ever wanted to do something, but were scared to just try it? Even though your heart was set on it, you just couldn’t decide if it really was the best move?

I always wanted to homeschool Little Bit. Even when he was a baby, I remember telling someone I wanted to. Fate took us down a different road, and we did public school for a while.

Then, my husband and I started talking about homeschooling. We were trying to figure out things like: Will Little Bit like it, he’s used to going to school. What about his routine? What about curriculum? What about friendships and being with kids?

Seems like when you’re single and making decisions for yourself, it’s just easy to try something new. Add two people in and those “once-easies” get tricky.

I don’t know if this happens to you, but sometimes big decisions keep me awake at night. Being torn between the what-to-do’s is tiring.

Well, we did it. We took the homeschool plunge! And, I have to tell you, for us it is the best thing we’ve ever done.

It’s so amazing! What a gift it is to learn beside him. And, all those questions we had worked themselves out. We all adapted well to the new routine. Our curriculum is wonderful because it’s interest led. And although socialization is a big concern with homeschooling, we actually have more friends now than we ever did in public school.

The thing I learned by jumping feet first into homeschooling is, taking a chance is necessary. Was there a possibility it might not have worked out? Of course! Whether it is homeschool, a new job, or even a move, change can be a bit frightening.

Sometimes we just have to do it. For us, ultimately it came down settling. Staying where he was would’ve been settling for so-so, for average. Well, who wants to settle?

Life is this huge, beautiful opportunity! Everything we do and try is an opportunity to grow, learn, and experience wonderful things.

We stepped over the questions, the self doubt, and the fear. Going with our hearts led us exactly where we need to be. Isn’t it funny how that happens?

2 thoughts on “The Homeschool Plunge

  1. Well, another GREAT story, Jessica! I know how scary & hard it was for you to make this move but I also knew you have wanted to do this in your heart for a very long time! I’m so happy you took the plunge & came up with a great big smile on your face!!


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