History Lessons

~The Rock House on Rocky Ridge~

~The Rock House on Rocky Ridge~

Don’t you just love learning about generations that came before us?

Part of our homeschool history lessons reside in the writings of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I got the boxed set of her books for a few dollars at a thrift store before he was even born and we read them together last school year.

A few weeks ago, we went to the cemetery in Mansfield, Missouri where Laura,  Almazo and their daughter, Rose are buried. It’s just a little country cemetery that sits right in the middle of town. Surrounded by the Ozarks hills, it is a quiet and beautiful place.

From there, we ventured on to the gift shop at the Laura Ingalls Wilder’s home. After purchasing a few books we found out we could tour the Rock House.

There’s just something about stepping back in time. I found myself wishing my mom’s parents house was still standing. What I wouldn’t give to walk through my grandma’s kitchen once again.

The tour guide told us the history on the Rock House. The interior is bright, cheery, and welcoming, Indoor photography isn’t allowed, so I hope to always remember the quaintness of the rooms.

We ended our day at a conservation area not far from her home. While hiking those steep hills, we questioned how horses pulling wagons could’ve gotten up those hills back when the Wilder’s moved to Mansfield.

Reading her books opened our minds up to her childhood and her journeys. Being able to actually step into her homes, seeing Pa’s fiddle and even the pennies Laura and Mary got for Christmas at the museum, really brought her stories to life.

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