The Gift of Monday

~A Beautiful Monday~

~A Beautiful Monday~

Are you a fan of Mondays?

Seems like Mondays always get a bad wrap. The beginning of a long work week for most, I know lot of people who’d love to skip Monday.

Today Monday is a gift for us. It was a rare occasion, a family day! We started our day at a local lake and saw these amazing ducks looking for their breakfast. They didn’t seem to notice it was Monday. It’s funny how nature doesn’t get caught up in what day it is or isn’t.

It just got me to thinking about the name of a day versus our perspective of that particular day. If you work weekends, then Monday may be your “weekend”. Maybe today was your birthday and you took the day off work to celebrate. Or maybe it’s just a plain, old regular Monday but you noticed the blueness of the October sky or felt the brisk fall wind on your cheek. Perhaps, like we did, you saw the gift of a Monday, too.

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