A Quieter Road, For Now

~ A Quiet Afternoon ~

~ A Quiet Afternoon ~

Does life have you stuck in the land of busy?

Ahhhh. Yes, I know that land well. Sometimes I think busy deserves it’s own zip code. Over the past couple years, we spent a lot of time there.

We were certainly blessed by all that running around we did. Friends were made. The homeschool field trips were fun and educational. We learned a lot at our Wednesday Spanish classes. We were social. We attended all kinds of events. And, we were busy.

Today I was thinking about those busy days. Our life has taken a much quieter road lately. As I sit and type this, we are at home. Home? On a week day afternoon? That certainly never would’ve happened last year. The only ones busy around here right now are the birds chirping outside my window.

Since we have slowed down a bit, I find myself thinking about when I was a kid. Mom used to take us roller skating in a nearby Iowa town. We’d all pile into our station wagon and off we’d go! I can still to this day remember what it looked like in there. But, mostly what I remember about the place is, that we must have been really fast skaters! Anyone that grew up with me will totally remember the gentleman who ran the skating rink and his famous words:

“Sloooooooow doooooown!”

Well, that is definitely a typo according to my keyboard. My computer does not like my spelling. However, “slow down” just  simply doesn’t get the point across. I’m sure if he’d said “slow down” we may or may not have listened. But, he was rather smart with his pronunciation and we knew he meant business. Funny how even years later, his two words still make me stop and think.

When my kiddo was a baby, someone told me to enjoy him because it goes by fast. Boy, were they ever right! I had no idea how fast it would go! That “slooooow doooooown” doesn’t go slow enough where life is concerned. At times, I find myself wanting to jump on life’s imaginary brakes!

Best I can tell, we are all in our own version of the land of busy or maybe your road is quiet as well. Seems like a few of my friends’ families are extremely busy and I find myself remembering being in those shoes.

Less busy is a welcome break for us. Honestly, I am savoring this one on one time with Little Bit because I know busy will come around again soon enough.

One thought on “A Quieter Road, For Now

  1. I’m sorry, I’m too busy to comment.. gotta gooooooooo..

    I really enjoy the land of busy, if it’s rewarding or productive.. But since I don’t seem to ever get bored, I cherish “the land of no time”..
    Sometimes doing absolutely nothing is pure happiness..
    I’d really like to try a depravtion chamber someday.. I’m told by others who say they have, that its like you have no sensation of the world.. Only your mind.. It seems scary to me as well.. Haven’t crossed it off my bucket list though..
    Hmmm ! I’d bet you’d write an excellent bucket list post..

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