Scratch “Near-Disasters” in Baking

Have you ever told somebody about some cool thing you did, then the next time you tried it, it was an utter mess?


I think I may have jinxed myself. If you read my story called “Near-Disasters in Baking” yesterday, I essentially may have bragged a little too much about my totally accidental pancake pizza.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to make it again, onIy this time I tried to double the recipe. Mistake! Huge bust! Forget pancakes. They looked more like scrambled eggs.

My grandmas could roughly estimate the ingredients they needed when they baked. Some scoops of this. A pinch of that. And, substitute? These ladies could find a substitute for anything.

So, one disaster down, I thought I’d bring out my Iowa baking skills and just do it right. There I stood at my counter with various grain free/gluten free ingredients and I got busy.

Staying true to my Iowa roots, I started pouring stuff into the bowl and mixing. Ten minutes later I was rather impressed with how it turned out. It wasn’t quite traditional pizza dough, but it actually looked pretty good. Into the oven it went.

My goodness, when it was done cooking LOOKED like a pizza. A real pizza? Please bear in mind that the last time I had a real, hot, gooey, cheesy pizza on a crust you can actually pick up to eat, was last January. I could hardly wait for this one to cool off. It looked so delicious.

Are you sitting down?

It was absolutely awful.

I mean bad. Really bad. Like “peel the cheese off and leave everything else on the plate” bad.

All I can say is, it’s a good thing I didn’t write down the ingredient amounts as I went, because I can guarantee you, I will never make THAT again!

The good news is, I skipped trying to bake anything for supper last night and instead stuck with straight vegetables.

Oh, and I still had one egg left out of my three eggs! Woo hoo! Guess who had one fried egg for breakfast!

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