We Still Believe

Do you ever have days where everything feels upside side down?

It’s easy to feel that way at times when say:

  • a friend is sick and not getting better, 
  • a job we have just isn’t our cup of tea, 
  • we’ve lost someone we love and the grief won’t quit, 
  • if we’re pursuing a dream and run into road blocks. 

Seems like the list is long when it comes to all the times that faith sneaks out the back door. 

It is in those moments that I remember my friend, Dennis. 

Extremely spiritual, he had his feet firmly planted in “everything will work out.” 

His life wasn’t easy and sometimes it seemed like he carried struggles around in suitcases. 

His health was absolutely awful. He had some major family issues, yet he always seem to strap those suitcases on his back and keep on walking. His faith never wavered.

Whenever I told him about my family or friends that were struggling with illnesses or life’s difficulties, he always said just two simple words: 

We believe. 

We lost Dennis quite unexpectedly a year ago October. A few days after he passed away, it stormed the entire day and the sky seemed to be having a rather large gripe session. 

Dark clouds hogged the sun and there was a symphony of clanging and banging as rain puddled up on the ground.

Then, the weirdest thing happened!  

A glimmer of light. 

Stepping outside, I literally was graced with the most glorious and breath-taking gift ever! 

Colors filled the sky as the sunset announced its presence! I stood in my front yard and tears poured down my face. Suddenly I knew things were going to be ok and that Dennis’ suitcases were empty.

When I turned around, a giant rainbow filled the eastern sky! I ran for a camera and Little Bit and we stood in the yard in absolute awe. 

The lesson that day? Even when things seem dark, light will follow, if we still believe. 


6 thoughts on “We Still Believe

  1. Another well written subject line that many have expèienced but few know how to put in words. I loved the story, it wrapped around my heart with concrete assurance. Thank you Jessica for sharing your purest emotions. God bless your sweet soul.

    Liked by 1 person

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