Best. Husband. Ever. 

What’s your favorite holiday food?

With Thanksgiving only eight days away, I’ve been dreaming of all those yummy foods that make up that beloved feast! Mashed potatoes slathered in butter, sweet potatoes with delicious burned marshmallows on top, homemade rolls, pies with homemade crusts… Oh my. My mouth is watering just thinking of it!

I can’t wait to pull up a chair to that lovely table and sink my teeth into…

None of those. 

Yes, you read that right. None of those yummies will be on this girl’s plate. No mashed potatoes. No homemade rolls. No marshmallows. No pie. What? That’s not even fair! 

On my recent health craze, I gave up gluten, grains, and sugar. Hmmm. Maybe that would have been a smart move AFTER Thanksgiving. Such is life. Guess I should have thought ahead and had triple helpings last year.

If you’ve read my stories on my recent non-grain baking adventures, you’ll know I’m not too skilled at baking yet. Now, with good old fashioned wheat flour, I can make pretty much anything. However, coconut flour and I are barely on speaking terms and we certainly aren’t friends. When I set that container on the counter, I’m pretty sure it is laughing at me. 

So, as you can imagine, I haven’t been really looking forward to all the “I can’t haves” for Thanksgiving this year. I sure as heck don’t want to make a grain free dish for someone else to eat. Yikes. Can you imagine that poor soul? 

All that meal dread turned around last night. My husband came home from being at the woods cabin for several  days. He had a gift for me that SAVED Thanksgiving! A bag of these big, beautiful, hand dug just for me, turnips!

If you’ve never had a turnip, you’re missing out. While they’ll never quite replace a steaming hot bowl of mashed potatoes, they are white, steaming, and taste rather sweet. And, they are my new favorite comfort food. What a welcome sight after weeks and weeks of green leafy vegetables and coconut baking disasters. 

I’ve only got three words for you: 

Best. Husband. Ever. 

4 thoughts on “Best. Husband. Ever. 

  1. Could you add a few words in here ? Like your favorite recipe for turnips ? I’ve always avoided them and when I do try them, I want it to be the best way prepared 👍

    Your husband rocks 👍

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    • Let’s see, I’ve boiled them and mashed them up like potatoes. Cubed them and fried them like potatoes-really good. Also, we have this quilted potato sack that you can use in the microwave, that cooks turnips quite well.

      I like that they’re similar to potatoes, though the texture is quite different, in exchange, they’re sweeter. Almost like a dessert, if you don’t eat sugar much. They’re a nice alternative. :)

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