Oops! Embarrassing!

Do you ever do anything completely embarrassing? Like, you want to crawl under a rug and hide? 

Well… I did that today, as a matter of fact! I started a story called Written Words and I forgot to make it a Draft. It was barely started and nowhere near finished. When I went back to add to it, it said “Published”. 

Hmmm. I’m used to picking up my paper and pencil and starting where I left off. This blogging stuff is definitely different. Oh well,  I guess that’s not the last time that’ll happen. 

Now you have a small taste of the next story. Thanks for bearing with me while I finish it! Ha! 

As they used to say on tv, stay tuned…

Guess I’ll crawl out from under the rug now! 


P.S. It’s finished! Yay! 

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