8 Days of 8

Have you ever noticed how quickly time passes?

I was just standing here thinking that I’m pretty sure I’m the luckiest person to ever walk this planet. My Little Bit is singing Christmas carols while he’s playing with his cars. He plants a smile on my face daily and makes my heart sing. Lately, I’ve been trying to savor the sweetness and simple-ness of our days.

Several of my friends have kids that are older and doing teenage things, like driving. Oh my. Not sure I’m ready for that much time to have passed yet.

Why is it that childhood goes by so quickly? Doesn’t seem like that long ago when I held him as a newborn. Now we have only 8 days of age 8 left. There’s only 9 days until age 9.

I learned a long time ago to embrace the moments we are living. These. Now. Even the days with all the time-takers, the endlessly busy days, and those commitments that seem to creep in and appear on empty calendars while we sleep. For me, time is something I try to put bear hugs around to keep it from slipping by too fast. It’s like grabbing for the fringe of Father Time’s robe and trying to talk him into taking just a few steps backwards.

My husband and I survived lots of pregnancy difficulties and some losses. When I was finally able to stay pregnant, we were graced with our miracle boy. If you’ve been through infertility, you’ll understand the vow I made to myself to never take one second of being a momma for granted. And, I don’t.

Our days are filled with learning, playing, couch forts, puddle jumping, nature hikes, play dates, field trips, and time with friends. I take tons of pictures. We play the piano and sing. We celebrate the changing of each season. We watch sunrises, sunsets, cloud shapes and rainbows. I take pictures of him with a sign on dates we find significant or just for fun. We make crafts and read books. We laugh. We breathe. We notice. We savor.

Every year that has passed has been great. I have loved every single one of them. Each time that we add another year to the birthday candles, we have lived the past year well. I definitely welcome 9 with open arms.

As for the moments we are still in, I’m wrapping my heart around them as we celebrate the last 8 days of 8.

4 thoughts on “8 Days of 8

  1. This is so beautifully written; I admire your ability to express such heartfelt, meaningful experiences with such eloquence that your words put me at ease. And gives me hope and gratitude for myself and for you. Thank you for sharing, and best wishes for you and your family!

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    • Oh my goodness. I’m going to be totally honest with you because that’s the only way I know how to be. I’m standing in my kitchen, and when I read your comment, I had one of those “rub your eyes and reread” moments. And, a bit of disbelief that MY writing affected you in such a way that it put you at EASE. :) And, you have gratitude for yourself and me?

      I have never in my life received a compliment about my writing that literally stopped me in my tracks, put a lump in my throat, made me speechless, and filled my heart with so much overflowing thankfulness.

      Offering a simple THANK YOU back seems a bit small. So, I’m going to throw in a BLESS YOU! :)

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      • The pleasure is all mine! What I said was not a compliment, it’s simply the truth. Through your words, I felt so many emotions. Just by reading them. I haven’t met you in person, but I can sense you are quite a remarkable woman. You savor your experiences (good and bad) and live in the moment despite the challenges. Continue to radiate positivity and others will follow. Bless you, Little Bit, and your family! :)

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        • Speechless again… Have you ever run outside with complete anticipation to see the most magnificent full moon, yet not even notice it because the stars were shining absolutely radiantly?

          THAT is your words.

          Thank you! :)


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