My Heart Overflowed

Have you ever wanted to thank someone, yet couldn’t find the words big enough to cover everything you want to say? 

That’s me, right now. Monday, I wrote a story about my grandma Wilma called “She Wore Iowa Well” and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing the response has been. 

I just want to thank each one of you for reading it. Those of you who knew her, thank you for letting me share my thoughts. For those who were “introduced” to her through my story, thank you for taking a chance and letting grandma in. 

Here’s the funny thing, I’ve been trying to write that story for over a month. The ideas were swimming in my writer’s mind, yet when I tried to get them on the page they continually fell out as a jumbled up mess. Until Monday. 

Monday the words knew their place. Instead of falling out as a hodgepodge of alphabet soup, they eloquently tumbled into their righful places. This time, the whole story fell out in nearly one breath. 

It felt like peace was wrapping it’s lovely arms around me and a sense of loving calmness filled my mind. That perfectly describes grandma. A truly, happy soul, she wore kindness like people wear their Sunday best. Isn’t the picture of her and her babies just beautiful? Her smile!  What a joy filled heart. 

When  I hit the “publish” button on Monday, my heart was nearly bursting with love. When I saw the amazing  response from you, the kind souls who read it, my heart overflowed. 

Thank you. 


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