Stuck in Sentimental

Have you ever gotten stuck? 

Seems like there are many opportunities for getting stuck. Here’s a few: 

  • Tires on vehicles sinking on a muddy road
  • Being at the bottom of a “dog pile” and being tickled like crazy
  • Trying to get through a math problem that makes no sense
  • Being somewhere when you wish you were somewhere else
  • Stepping up to the muddy edge of a pond bank, and sinking ankle high
  • Sledding down a monster hill and hitting a huge snow drift at the bottom
  • Being in the middle seat in a jam-packed row at the theater and needing to go to the rest room
  • Sitting in traffic and getting nowhere

Right now I find myself in a different kind of stuck. I seem to be stuck in sentimental. Have you ever been there? It almost sounds like a town. Sentimental, population: many.

Christmas time seems like a good time for getting stuck here. Unpacking all the decorations of years past, has been pulling on my heart strings. Little Bit just turned age nine, so when we put his preschool ornaments on the tree, I found myself thinking back to those preschool years.

Also, we recently visited a farm of my childhood. After stomping around the hills that my once small feet climbed, I found myself in days past. Walking into the barn, I remembered a summer long gone when I climbed to the loft and got stung by a bee. Again, I found myself swimming around in sentimental.

There’s kind of a cool thing about that, it’s almost like we carry around glimpses of our memories in our pockets, like lucky coins. Seems like sometimes all it takes is a split second to rekindle a time or place we love. 

I think I could get used to this. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been stuck in the mud. Being stuck in sentimental sounds better any day.

5 thoughts on “Stuck in Sentimental

    • Aww! Thank you so much! How kind!

      I found the pearl tree in a box my dad bought at an auction. One of those type of deals where he paid like $2 for a whole box of things and he only wanted one thing out of it.

      That tree is my FAVORITE Christmas decoration. :)


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