Blessed By You

Don’t you just love it when people are sooooo genuinely kind and beyond supportive, that sometimes you have to pinch yourself to believe it’s true? 

That’s me. Today. And, it’s because of you. On this eve before Christmas, I am thinking about you. 

On October 10, 2015, I started this amazing blogging journey. A sudden, unexpected four day hospital stay in mid September, caused me to start reevaluating what was really important in my life. 

In the midst of figuring that out, I decided to stop putting my longing desire to write about “really cool stuff, lessons, and observations” at the end of my Dream List. 

Do you have a Dream List? It’s something I totally made up and, to me, it basically means: a “someday I want to do these things” list. Writing was on my list and has been for a long time. I always told myself that someday I’d be a writer.

Someday when life wasn’t so busy. Someday when I felt good enough, among millions of other writers. Someday when I did enough research and prep work. Someday when I wasn’t doing other things. Someday when I was brave enough. Someday when what I have to say is really important. Someday…

One of the problems with someday is that, it is nowhere in the line up of Monday to Sunday. I’ve never seen it on a calendar, have you? Hmmm. No wonder someday rarely shows up. 

Until a sudden calamity makes us drop the some off of day and what was once down the road somewhere becomes TOday. 

That extraordinarily, marvelous gift of forgetting someday and doing it today, was given to me. Since I started this blog, I’ve have been crazily amazed by you. To date, my 40 stories have been viewed over TWO THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED TIMES!! Are you kidding??? Pretty sure I should be covered with bruises with all the pinching here! 

Because of you, my Dream List has one less goal on it. Why? Well, your kindness and support of my writing, makes me want to write more! Before my blog, I was writing in my notebook, which is great, but there was no feedback. So, I was a bit afraid to start a blog and that partly stemmed from two fears: 

  1. What if no one likes it?
  2. What if someone is mean?

Lucky for me, you showed up! You join my email list. You follow me on WordPress. You leave inspiring comments. You hit the “like” button. You follow my Facebook page. YOU read my stories. You take time out of your busy life to read my stories. 

So, on the eve before the magic of Christmas, despite the fact that I want to jump up and down and noisily express my sincere, overflowing gratitude, I’ll spare you the image, and simply offer my thanks and let you know that I truly am blessed by you. 

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