ReSOlution of KINDness

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? If so, what kinds of things do you choose, and are you able to keep them?

Me? I’ve made my fair share, but honestly, I don’t stick with them very well or very long. I seem to follow the demeanor of a butterfly that just sorts of flits around on the breeze.

I’ve been thinking that maybe if we did a resolution together, it would increase my chance of resolution success. Kindness seems to be a great thing to work on, so I came up with an idea that ties into my story, “Four Words“.

When that doctor uttered those four words, ” I care about you,” it  really changed things for me. It sort upped my confidence in the medical profession, after having dealt with a not so nice nurse at another office the week before. It’s pretty awesome how four kind words have the ability to help or to make a difference in someone’s life.

So, how does this ReSOlution of KINDness work? Every Wednesday for the month of January will be a “SO KIND Wednesday”. I’ll pick a theme and we can brainstorm four word kindness phrases for that day. For example, say the theme is: four words of kindness we could say to our parents. Then, we would simply list them out, like “You’re an awesome dad.”

On February 3, 2016, we’ll celebrate a month of New Year’s Resolution success by having a “My Favorite Four Word Kindness Phrase” Contest. All you’ll need to do is comment your most favorite four word kindness phrase of January’s SO KIND Wednesdays, and tell me why it resonated with you. I will pick a winner out of all the comments submitted.

The prize will be a $25.00 gift card to Victoria Trading Company (a great company that has vintage style items), a gift that I will purchase at my new favorite store, Vintage Hollar, which I wrote about in my story, “When Those Hats Came Full Circle”, and 10 blank note cards with my grandparent’s Iowa barn on them.

I do hope you will join in on the fun. I’m excited to hear what your four word kindness phrases will be.






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