A Nature Walk

Do you like to get outside and take nature walks in the winter? 

We do. Some days when the house feels small or a bit on the boring side, we bundle up and head outdoors. There’s something quite refreshing about drawing in those cold breaths and getting some sunshine on our cheeks. 

Yesterday, my husband, Little Bit, and I decided we’d had enough “inside-ness”. We grabbed our coats, and out the front door we went. 

It had been awhile since we walked around our small acreage, so we headed around the back. Our property is nestled in the bottomland near the river with hills surrounding us. 

Our neighbors behind us are kind enough to let us feed their horse an occasional treat. With our bag of apple slices in tow, we ventured to the fence row and were greeted by our horse friend. Each of us had a turn feeding, and after a few moments, Little Bit and my husband kept on walking. 

The horse and I stayed put. I can’t tell you how peaceful that was, just standing there in the January afternoon sun. Would you believe the only sound I could hear was the wind? 

About ten minutes later, the horse tired of my company and wandered off to eat grass. After taking some pictures, I caught up with my family. What a wonderful day for a nature walk.  


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