It’s a Girl Thing

Do you have pets? Are you lucky like us, and have two females? Like at the same time? 

That definitely makes things interesting at our house. We have two female cats, sisters even. They don’t get along. At all. Which is fine, we keep them separated. 

However, I don’t know why we ever thought two females was some splendid idea! My poor husband not only has me, but also two cats that think they own this place. 

The little lovely in the picture is Miss Lulu Jones. According to her, she is queen of the universe. Fair enough. Her and her sister were the only survivors out of their litter and our sweet Lulu is a special needs kitty. As far as we’re concerned, she can be the queen of any universe she wants. 

Miss Lulu has been having a bit of a hard time this week. She clearly didn’t feel well and was scratching and licking like crazy. So, I did what I always do in any medical situation, I started googling. 

Whoa and yikes. Turns out there are some really alarming things for cats under those search words! Things like parasites, mites, and mange to name a few. I pretty much scared myself silly and by the time we got to the vet, I was prepared for the worst. 

The kind veterinarian looked her over, smiled, and said, “we can do this.” I braced myself and nearly wet my pants when he gave his diagnosis:


Oh man, poor cat. 

P.S. Now I understand why we got two females. It’s a girl thing! 


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