SO KIND Wednesday #1

Are you ready to come up with some four word kindness phrases?

I’m so excited because today is the first Wednesday of the ReSOlution of KINDness. Each Wednesday in January will be a SO KIND Wednesday. I thought we could brainstorm four word kindness phrases each week and then end with a contest on February 3, 2016.

You may be wondering why I chose kindness as a New Year’s resolution. Here’s why: 

  • Being kind is pretty easy. 
  • It’s cheap, you can be kind without spending anything. 
  • There’s a chance to possibly change someone’s life. 

Recently, a doctor changed mine, when he uttered four kind words. That experience prompted a story I wrote called “Four Words” and gave me the idea for this. Funny how things sort of fall together sometimes. 

Today’s four word kindness phrase theme is: children. 

  1. Let’s think about all the children in our lives: our kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, neighbor kids, friend’s kids.
  2. Now, let’s think of some four word kindness phrases that we could say.
  3. Feel free to comment the ones you come up with. We’ll use everyone’s comments as a basis for the contest on February 3. 

A friend already stunned me with one that she thought of and I thought it’d be a great one to start with:

I believe in you. :) 

Thanks for joining in!


7 thoughts on “SO KIND Wednesday #1

    • JUDI!!!!!!!

      Thank you for relentlessly trying to comment from Facebook. I don’t know what happened, but it worked!!

      Your grandkids are so lucky. I bet there heard all these before! Thank you for joining in!


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