SO KIND Wednesday #2

How are you doing today? Are you having a good week? 

Today is the 2nd Wednesday in the ReSOlution of KINDness. Today I thought we could talk about supporting friends/ family. 

I’ve been thinking about my friends and family a lot lately. With my health scare a few months ago, they stepped up and have been so supportive. I am just in awe. 

One friend loaded all her little kiddos up, bought me some flowers, and drove 40 miles ONE WAY to deliver them, and I wasn’t even home! What a surprise when I got home and found those flowers and sweet card. 

Another friend got a list of my dietary restrictions, contacted a friend of hers with similar restrictions who gave her recipes I could eat, and had her sister make me holiday treats. 

Other friends have helped out when I had appointments to get to. 

My parents drove 5 hours to see me when they heard I was in the hospital in September. 

Other friends and family members have been supportive with listening ears and kind words. 

The common thread here is support. So, I thought friends and family would be a great theme for today. Are there any four word kindness phrases your friends or family have said to you? Or can you think of any that we could say to our friends/ family? 

Seems like people face challenges and triumphs every day. A four word kindness phrase could really be a small gift to someone, in let’s say, a text or a phone call if circumstances permit us from seeing them at that moment. 

Here’s some I came up with:

  • I’ve got your back.
  • You can do this. 
  • You’re a rock star. 
  • You make me smile. 
  • I’m glad we’re friends. 
  • Let’s eat, I’ll treat. 
  • Got you a gift! :) 
  • We’ll get through this.
  • I have total faith.
  • Let’s talk over tea.
  • Call anytime you want.
  • I think you’re great!

I’m excited to hear yours!


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