Snow, Snow, Snow

Is it snowing where you are? 

It is SNOWING here! Little Bit and I are so excited! What an excellent Sunday morning surprise. 

Several months ago, there were all the signs of a long, snowy winter. The catepillers were big and fuzzy, the old timers that never buy propane for winter heat were buying propane, and the wive’s tales were pointing towards cold, snow-filled months. 

Being the sled kings and the snow angel makers that we are, we have been beyond excited for their predictions to come true. Hmmm. Well, maybe all that snow is coming in the second half of winter. We’ve had three short occasions of snow, and they were only dustings that melted quite fast. 

You can probably imagine our faces when we woke this morning and looked out the window! Grab your coat! Get your hat! 

What a unexpected and wonderful gift! There  we were, standing in our backyard, arms outstretched, screaming “king of the world” while giant snowflakes landed on our cheeks. Then, we lit out in a chorus of “Let It Snow”. The funny thing is, the wind was just right and there was a tremendous echo, so our song traveled across the hills.

After that, I noticed how absolutely quiet it was. The only sounds were some car far off in the distance and the wind chimes singing their lovely song. 

Our bird friends even joined us. The chickadees, cardinals, juncos, and woodpeckers didn’t seem to mind our silliness, because when I looked at the bird feeders on the back porch, there was like a total bird party there! I counted 17 bird “party-goers!” How fun is that? 

We’re back inside now. Layers of coats peeled off and piled up. Our cheeks seem to be thawing out. And, here I am with a huge smile plastered across my face. What a beautiful day for snow, snow, snow.  


4 thoughts on “Snow, Snow, Snow

    • Hey there! Unfortunately, we didn’t get much snow. It stopped not long after we came in. There’s just barely any traces left. :)

      Thank you so much for following my blog, too. I’m loving reading yours. Some great stuff! :)

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