KINDness Always Wins

Are you ready to celebrate our New Year’s resolution success?

We made it! The four SO KIND Wednesdays are behind us. Today is the day for the ReSOlution of KINDness contest.

First of all, I want to offer my sincere thanks to each one of you not only for joining in, but for also making me laugh, offering perspectives on some things I hadn’t considered, and for making sure my first contest wasn’t a total flop!

Here are the Contest Guidelines:

  • Please read through the following SO KIND Wednesday kindness phrases list. These are phrases that everyone commented every week in January.
  • Please choose the one you like the best, comment below and tell me why is resonates with you. Do you have a personal connection to it? A story to share?
  • Contest is open now, Wednesday February 3, 2016 to Friday February 5, 2016.
  • I will choose a winner based on how the kindness phrase helps or makes a difference.
  • The winner will be chosen and announced Saturday February 6, 2016 at 12:00 pm Central Standard Time.
  • The prize is a $25 gift card from Victoria Trading Company, a gift I’ll purchase from my favorite local store, Vintage Hollar, and 10 blank notecards with a photo of my grandparents’ barn on them.

SO KIND Wednesday kindness phrase list:

Week 1 Kindness phrases to say to children:

  1. You’re destined for greatness.
  2. Your star shines bright.
  3. True beauty in you.

Week 2 Kindness phrases to say to friends:

  1. What can I do?
  2. I’ll pray for you.
  3. You are my inspiration.

My link from Facebook wasn’t working that week, so these were commented on my Facebook page:

  1. I’ll babysit your kids.
  2. What can I do?
  3. Let me help you.
  4. What do you need?
  5. I brought you food.
  6. Go take a nap.
  10. YOU CAN DO IT!
  19. I’m glad you’re mine.
  20. I am blessed daily.

Week 3 Kindness phrases to say to pets:

  1. Tuna party every day.
  2. Your MEOW melts me.
  3. You are my cat.
  4. I am your human.
  5. You need a massage.
  6. Stay in bed under the covers all day, sweetie.
  7. Come cuddle, fluff butt.
  8. Food free for all.
  9. It’s a free treat.
  10. Do you want to play?

Week 4 Kindness Changers/ Advice:

  1. Be still and know.
  2. What if I fall?
  3. What if you fly?
  4. Our 30-Day Challenge
  5. K.I.S.S.
  6. Happiness is a house.
  7. Goat that is house-broken.
  8. Holding the door for someone. Saying thank you to a cashier or server. Random acts of kindness to strangers.Pay it backward to pay it forward.
  9. Stay strong when it comes to giving tough kindness.
  10. Kindness should be the easiest thing in the world to give…And it costs nothing but time in most cases.
  11. Kindness can also be one of the hardest acts to give and also costs nothing.

(Numbers 8-11 are excerpts from Pan’s comments. I hope you don’t mind, Pan.)

Four weeks of kindness has already changed the world! Thank you for joining in!



12 thoughts on “KINDness Always Wins

      • I feel kind of like a jerk voting for my own. So, I’m going to vote for two. I’m breaking all of your rules here! You don’t have to take both obviously. I’m just feeling a tad rebellious at the moment :).

        So, my own one that I want to vote for is – “come cuddle, Fluff Butt”

        But someone else’s that I want to vote for – ‘Tuna party every day!”

        I chose two pet ones. My favorite two things in life are cats & humor. That’s what resonates with me and makes me happy :)

  1. Stay in bed under the covers all day sweetie..
    I like this one best..
    Even though it’s in pet phrases, it’s universal.. It would be just as kind to say to a human and likely more needed 😂

    • I really loved all your comments and views on Week 4. It was really hard to pull single ideas out of them because I didn’t want to miss any of your important points.

      I learned a lot from your comments that day. It especially opened my eyes to the fact that kindness is hard sometimes, too. I like the easy kind! The “hand kindness over, smile, and walk away type”. The Random Acts of Kindness kind. But, sometimes the hard kind is needed as well.

      Thank you. 😀

  2. I’m really looking forward to your drive thru kindness experience.. In your glee driving off, just don’t forget to sneak a peek in the rearview mirror.. It’ll make your day and the experience complete 😊

    • I wish people would’ve done that when I was a kid. My parents had 4 kids in a station wagon. I could only imagine what their reaction would’ve been. Guess I’ll be on the look out for a station wagon behind me at the drive thru’s!

  3. My favorite is: YOU’RE DESTINED FOR GREATNESS. I resonated with me, as did many of the other phrases because I tend to apply them to my youngest grandchild. He will be turning 5 yrs old on Valentines Day and was born with Down Syndrome. One of the very first things his Pediatrician told us was “Don’t place limits on him!” So we don’t and “You’re Destined for Greatness” touched my heart the most. I really enjoyed doing this “SO KIND Wednesday” project, Jessica! Thanks for inviting us and coming up with such a great idea!

    • If hearts can smile, mine is smiling SO big. Love what you shared. I could wrap my arms around your little Valentine gift about a gazillion times. I think I just found my favorite 3 words phrase: Don’t place limits.

      You probably don’t know this, but the phrase you chose was the very first one commented on Week 1. Pretty cool. :)

      Thank you for your sweet words about SO KIND Wednesday. It makes me really happy that you enjoyed it. I’ve learned a lot from all the nice comments in the last month.

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