My Hour On the Streets of New York – By Adam

I have never reblogged anything. Ever. But, I just read this on the Kindness Blog and it is so amazing. My heart is telling me to share it!

THIS is kindness. A living, breathing, make tears well up in your eyes, and put faith back in humanity sort of kindness. I am in awe. :) What a perfect day to read this!

Kindness Blog

On Nov 11 of 2006, I made a deal with myself that I would give $1 to every homeless person who asked.

Call it a moment of clarity or whatever, but I woke up from a rough night of partying in Vegas and just felt like this model of taking wasn’t working for me anymore.

Still, to be honest, I embarked on this experiment thinking that I would just bleed money, that there would be 20 or so homeless people a day coming up to me in NYC and that I would run out of money soon.

This never happened.

When I returned to NY, it took 8 days before I walked past a homeless person who asked me for some spare change. And by that time I had seen the folly of my own mind and was more than happy to part with a measly dollar. It wasn’t about…

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5 thoughts on “My Hour On the Streets of New York – By Adam

  1. Wow, I was compelled to read this because I live in NYC, and it really opened my eyes to how we treat others that are less fortunate than us. I truly believe in positive karma, and that guy has so much compassion and empathy! Thank you for sharing, Jessica. :)

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    • You live in NYC? You’re the first person I’ve “met” that lives there! :) This story had me with the picture. It summed up everything that’s right and wrong at the same time. The image of glory and freedom in the midst of no home.

      I really, really loved when he sat with him. How many people would even do that? There’s a million reasons why we shouldn’t, couldn’t, and wouldn’t, but he did. Love that!

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  2. Thanks so much for reblogging this, Jessica. I have just read the original post which was absolutely breath taking in its inspiration. Just goes to show there is so much kindness in this world and so many good people out there. We need to focus more on that than the negativity.

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    • You’re welcome. Something was pushing me to share it! :)

      I did really good reading it, until I got towards the end where he pulled out his wallet and emptied it. That is where my cheeks got wet.

      I love what you said, there IS so much kindness in this world and so many good people out there. I believe that with my whole heart. Thank you!

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