Valentine’s Fun

Are you having or did you have a great Valentine’s Day? 

I truly hope that you are/did. Valentine’s Day is a pretty big deal around here, but it’s not about flowers or chocolates. 

Today is my husband and my 20th Valentine’s Day. How cool is that? What a lucky guy! He’s had me for 20 years! Ha ha. Just kidding. I’m pretty sure I’m the lucky one. 

This afternoon I dug out a bunch of letters I wrote him when we first started dating in June of 1995. Oh my gosh! We were smitten, to say the least. 

In fact, in one letter, there was a solid paragraph of repeated “I love you’s” one right after the other! That was it, no other words. 

Also, the heart picture here  

 is one I drew him 9 months after our first date! What a gift to see that love jumping off the page!

Over the years our relationship has grown and holidays, including Valentine’s Day have evolved to include our own little family. Currently our family consists of Little Bit, of course, and also two cats and one dog.

This morning Little Bit walked into the living room to see all of his stuffed animals sitting on the couch. Each one with a little card for him. He was so excited. 

The three of us spent the day playing Valentine games and building Legos, with the dog underfoot and cats lounging about. It was a relaxing day at home full of Valentine fun.

Happiest of Valentine’s wishes to you! ❤️

 Ozzy (dog), Lulu Jones (black), Sophie(white)


16 thoughts on “Valentine’s Fun

    • Awww! Judi, thank you for that. You’re very sweet! The day before, we had been playing veterinarian with his stuffed animals. He just loves that!

      So “Cupid” came early on Valentine’s morning and helped those 23 animals make their Valentines!


    • Yes, Alex’s was in a box of Disneys! :) Those stuffed animals today were sharing some love! Ha!
      Oh no! One EATS ribbon? Yikes. Mine are too lazy to do that I guess! Or maybe too picky!

      Yes, Ozzy is going on 15. The cats are more photogenic so they usual get posted because they’re actually awake! He sleeps all the time! :)

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