SomeTHING’S in the Garage

Have you ever had the heebie-jeebies? Like twice in one night? 

A few nights ago, my husband went to bed early and asked me to let the cat in before I went to bed. 

Sure, ok, that’s easy enough. When I was ready for bed, I opened the front door and called for her. She didn’t come. I opened the back door. Here kitty kitty… She still didn’t come. 

I remembered he had left the garage door raised about 6 inches during the day so she could come and go as she pleased. 

I opened the house door, stepped into the garage, and heard a loud non-cat “Crunch, crunch, munch, munch, munch.” Enter heebie-jeebie.

I froze, thinking, “What was that?????” Then, I spotted a dog food bag tipped over on the floor. SomeTHING was in it! SomeTHING was having a snack! 

Several boxes were surrounding the bag, so it was a bit hard to see. So, I tried to scare whatever it was by slamming the door. 

The bag rustled like crazy, then was perfectly still. Apparently whatever it was ran back out. Whew! That was close! I shut the big garage door and the inside door and went to bed.

At 3 a.m. I sat straight up in bed. Was that the tv blaring? Why in the world would my husband have it sooooo loud? I got out of bed to go see.

Turns out it wasn’t the tv. That horrendous noise was the weather radio blaring full blast in the garage! 

Oh no! Not the garage! This was already an odd scenario. Everyone else was in bed, yet the radio that we haven’t used in 6 months was on?

As you can probably guess, I was afraid to open that door. S-l-o-w-l-y I opened it just a bit and peeked in. 


About two feet from the door was a possum, sitting straight up, hands on its tummy, staring right at me! 

I slammed the door and weighed my options:

  1. Just go back to bed and and listen to “you are in a freezing fog advisory” on super loud the rest of the night. 
  2. Get that animal out of there and shut that dang radio off. 

So… I cracked the door, stuck my arm out, pushed the garage door up button, then closed the door and waited. A few minutes later I looked again and that possum was GONE! 

Possums don’t wear shoes, but could you imagine being in them? First, you’re out on your nightly rounds, looking for supper. “Hey, what’s this? An open door? Dog food? Yum! What? Who’s that and why is she shutting the door? How am I supposed to get out of here? I’m stuck in here? Oh well. Guess I’ll snoop around behind the toolbox. Hey, did I just step on a button? Oh no! I did! Who is screaming at me? Help! SomeTHING’s in here with me!”

The look on that poor critter’s face when I first opened the door said it all! 


P.S. I only wish I would’ve had my camera so you could’ve seen its expression! Oh, and the cat never did come when I called her. Found out the next morning that she was inside the house the whole time!  


18 thoughts on “SomeTHING’S in the Garage

  1. What an interesting night. You sound brave. Various nocturnal critters on their nightly, neighborly prowl visit our front porch; the end wall abuts our bedroom. We’ve become accustomed to these noises. The other night while in a deep sleep I heard a classical piece, suddenly and very loudly, in another room. I bolted upright and tried to get my bearings. You know I’ve been writing about my great grandma…and in my haze, thought maybe I’d angered her, that she’d come to give me a piece of her mind (karma, you know). My hubby had a good laugh later when I sang to him the music I’d heard. The day before he had changed his ring tone to Beethoven but forgot to turn down the volume, causing it to blare in the night. Of course it only woke me, not him, and I’m not entirely convinced it wasn’t Orah. ;) Love this story about your critter. :)

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  2. Oh Jessica, what a great way to end my day. It’s midnight here in Melbourne and I just heard a noise outside too. Possums often come and visit outside on our decking but not usually with the radio on. Could have been worse. At least it wasn’t a rat!

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  3. Jessica, what a busy night!! I think you need a nap now. A photo of its face would have been brilliant but I’m just laughing imagining the scene. Clever possum though… although not too bright as it couldn’t turn down the sound. I’ve woken in the night to find my iPod playing all by its self, full volume. Spooky. Of course my hubby slept through it all. Have a lovely calm Sunday. 😀

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