I Love _______ List

If someone asked you to make a list with the prompt, “I love__________”, what would your list be? 

Would you fill in the blank with your favorite coffee, something about your family, your pets, or maybe your favorite season?

Last November, I wrote a story about how every few months I make a list of my favorite things. (You can read it here if you like.) 

This time I thought it’d be fun to change it up a little and put “I love” into the mix. 

I haven’t made a list since that post, and I thought tonight would be a good time to make one. So, here goes!

I Love________ ~ March 12, 2016

  • the spring peeps singing wildly
  • the white laundry basket full of Legos 
  • how the hall closet is jammed full of board games
  • that the white book shelf in Little Bit’s room is full of Little Golden books
  • that the entry closet is stuffed full of umbrellas, balls, and rubber boots
  • all the coloring books crammed into the magazine holder 
  • that there’s a basketball hoop, bikes, and sidewalk chalk in the garage
  • how Little Bit loves Archie Comic books and that they’re stacked up high on the desk
  • picking up little bits of his childhood throughout the day and putting them in my pockets
  • emptying my pockets at the end of the day and finding game pieces, cars, letters and Pom poms
  • when Little Bit still tries to squeeze into the chair with me to read, like he did in November
  • how Little Bit raced through the house this evening, announcing he was packed for college
  • that college is still 9 years away!
  • age 9, flying kites, playing cars, and picnics 
  • that the days are getting longer and that spring will be here soon

It’s late now, as an hour has passed. The house is all quiet except for the ticking of the clock. It’s funny how gratefulness can sneak in and present itself at any and all hours, including this one. 

I love the gift in that…


        14 thoughts on “I Love _______ List

        1. What a wonderful, wonderful post Jessica. I just went back and read your post from last year, it spoke to me so much. I’ve been keeping a Gratitude Journal for the past five years. Every night before bed I write in it, things in my life that I’m grateful for. It’s just become a part of me and my life now. And this post is just so good, it takes it a step further.

          What I love … Let me see, too many things in my life to mention but the first that comes to mind is …. I love that Doug is home! Such a timely post, thanks Jessica.

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