Wishes…Just Waiting

Do you ever make a wish, just because? 

We are definitely wish-makers. 

Of course, there are the somewhat standard wishing opportunities that come with birthday candles, spotting the first star at night, and seeing falling stars. Those are pretty much a given with the wish seekers. 

However, I find myself sending out small, in-the-moment hopes and dreams at other moments as well. For instance, when Little Bit’s and my birthday date pops up on the digital clock, I make a wish. Every time I see 1234 in a row on a digital clock, it’s wishing time. 

I’d have to say, our all time favorite kind of wishes are dandelion wishes. 

Talk about some fun! I love the idea of simply grabbing a white dandelion, taking a big breath, making a wish, and blowing those seeds out to who knows where the wind will carry them. 

Don’t you just love the limitless possibilities of that?  It’s like being completely free to put ideas and thoughts out into the world with no fear of self doubt or judgment. Thoughts, hopes, and dreams are all packaged up in a simple flower.

I once met a gal who said her children were not allowed to make dandelion wishes. Her reasoning? Because she didn’t want more dandelions in her yard. She said didn’t want more weeds. 

What??? What about running amuck across the yard, hair flying, giggles abounding, and joy radiating around the beauty of letting go and stepping into childhood for a few minutes? Hmmm. Guess I’m more of a wildflower type girl myself. 

Last Sunday it was a quiet day here. About mid-afternoon, I stepped outside and that’s when I saw them! 

Our yard was completely packed with potential wishes! Dandelions were everywhere! I sat down on the sidewalk and watched the wind whip their stems. If it’s possible for flowers to be happy, I’m pretty sure they were. Not once did I see even one try to hold still and fight the wind. Love that. 

In the days since, I have kept my eye on all those dandelions. In the mornings, they’re drenched with dew. In the afternoons, they seem to enjoy soaking up the sun, and when evening comes, I seem to find myself scrambling a bit, trying to get a picture so you can see what I see. 

Right now I’m standing in my yard with a huge smile plastered across my face. In every direction I look, dandelions are standing tall and with them are thousands of wishes… just waiting.


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