For among elk, we dwell. *

Are you having a good Earth Day?

I have to say that I feel like nature is trying to get my attention today. This morning before I left for my early appointment, I read my friend, Annika’s story. Afterward, I walked outside and saw a gorgeous full moon in the blue sky.

About five miles down the road, a deer crossed the road right in front of me. Luckily I had time to get stopped. I was watching a second one cross, when a blur whizzed by., number three!

I looked back to my left and deer number four stood on edge, waiting for my next move, I suppose. I sat still. She stayed put, and I went on my way.

On my way home several hours later, I saw a wild turkey by the road. It couldn’t make up its mind what to do! Finally it just ran along the woods and went back in them.

Then, an hour ago, I was in the backyard. There’s a pretty swift breeze and I saw a turkey vulture gliding on the wind. Suddenly, he swooped down, nearly touching the grass between the fence and the back door. He circled around, then went on his way.

It’s definitely a nature-y day around here. So, I asked Annika if she would mind if I share her wonderful story about seeing elk in Sweden. She said I could. Her pictures are wonderful.

Here’s to being lucky enough to share this world with such amazing animals. Wishing each of you a happy Earth Day!

Annika Perry

photo 4-2This wasn’t the first time we had to brake suddenly. Not the noisy tyre screeching stop; rather a quiet sedate halt before a hushed ‘ahh’ filled the car. We all leaned forward. I glanced back and forth, desperately seeking out the cause for this joyful expression.

‘There, just there. Amongst the trees. Do you see them?’

Them? I had been looking for perhaps one deer, camouflaged amongst the dark brown tree trunks, the green of the forest sucking the clarity of shapes into itself.


Abruptly I sit back into my seat. A young elk calf had just skittered its way across the road directly in front of the car. By the tree line it turned around and looked back to the other side. Just then I saw ‘them’. Another calf, hidden deeper amongst the trees, then Mother Elk stepped forward towards the road.

photo 3-3This was my ‘Northern Exposure’ moment!…

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