A Vacation Before Our Vacation 

Have you ever just wanted to get out of town? 

In six days we leave for our two week beach vacation, but yesterday, we were bored. Like that feeling of extreme bored-ness where the last thing you want to do is go to the usual places.

So, what did we do? Packed a bag, loaded up, and took off.

We hopped on the interstate and headed east. Within three hours, we rolled into a big city with museums, a theme park, a zoo, and some fancy hotels. 

In fact, we stayed in one of those fancy hotels. A country girl like me could get used to someone parking my truck, taking my luggage up sixteen floors, and drumroll…

Room service! No cooking? No dishes? They bring it to me? Woo hoo!! Sign me up.

It’s Sunday evening now, and a beautiful sunset is escorting us home. What a great couple of fun-filled, adventurous days we’ve had on a vacation before our vacation. 










22 thoughts on “A Vacation Before Our Vacation 

        • Thank you! We’re going to Dauphin Island Alabama. Have you ever been there? We went there last year and it was our first vacation in 16 years and our first real vacation with Little Bit. It was so fabulous that we’re going back!

          This year we got a beach house for a week and the second week we’re going to be drifters of sorts. Sightseeing and staying wherever we like. I CAN’T wait!

          How are you doing today? Getting any easier with Miss Blossom? Sending giant hugs.

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          • I have not been to Alabama, but if your photos of the place are as gorgeous as the previous photos (never mind the content–they have all been gorgeous), then I may go. ;) I sure miss taking vacations with my children. Ours are all grown and doing their own thing. Sigh. I think they still like us though, so I am counting my blessings. Heart is heavy, but we’re plowing on. <3

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            • You’d love Alabama, it’s really laid back and the people are SO nice. And there’s DOLPHINS. Near the beach we swam at last year. And, we went in kayaks, and the dolphins swam nearby.

              Oh my, I bet you miss when they were little and taking vacations. I’m trying to savor every moment with Little Bit. It goes so fast. He’s already 9. Yikes.
              I bet your kids adore you!

              I know your heart is sad. Wish I could make that go away for you.


      • Room service is awesome, though I haven’t had it in a long time! Tash is 18 on Friday so a big weekend is coming up. :-)
        Saw mum yesterday. My sister takes her to her home (in a special taxi) every Sunday and we ate lunch together which was really nice. When we left she managed to say “ciao” to my son which was a highlight. And when I kissed her she puckered her lips as if to give me one back. Small things but they mean so much.

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        • Oh my goodness. Trust me, I understand the gravity of someone uttering a single word. Someone I dearly love is now on the talking end of a once severe language delay. Bravo to your mum. The brain has to do sooooo many things at once for words to even form, then become verbal. An amazing feat for her! Bet that refilled everyone’s hope buckets! And, the pucker at the end? What a gift! The idea of it filled my heart with light. Go mum go!

          Big 18 in a few days… I love your joy for her, even though our momma hearts get sad that time flows by so darn quick.

          I love that your mum has her own royal coach and the tradition of family dinners every Sunday. Even if she doesn’t truly understand, I bet she still looks forward to being queen for the day. :)


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