A Vacation Before Our Vacation 

Have you ever just wanted to get out of town? 

In six days we leave for our two week beach vacation, but yesterday, we were bored. Like that feeling of extreme bored-ness where the last thing you want to do is go to the usual places.

So, what did we do? Packed a bag, loaded up, and took off.

We hopped on the interstate and headed east. Within three hours, we rolled into a big city with museums, a theme park, a zoo, and some fancy hotels. 

In fact, we stayed in one of those fancy hotels. A country girl like me could get used to someone parking my truck, taking my luggage up sixteen floors, and drumroll…

Room service! No cooking? No dishes? They bring it to me? Woo hoo!! Sign me up.

It’s Sunday evening now, and a beautiful sunset is escorting us home. What a great couple of fun-filled, adventurous days we’ve had on a vacation before our vacation. 










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