Soaking Up the Sun

Have you ever been driving along and seen something that caught your eye? 

That happened to me this morning. I was on my way home and had just passed the corner of my neighbor’s pasture. The trees are just now bursting with new leaves and it took me a second to realize I’d seen something else. 

I backed up for a better look. Among that beautiful “good bye winter, spring is here” green, stood a glorious horse, his mane blowing in the wind. 

For nearly seven years, he has been a part of our lives. Our back fence meets up to the land where he grazes. He is a sweet old boy. When we go to his gate, he usually comes running. 

But today he stayed put, only glancing my way once, looking as magestic as ever, while he was simply soaking up the sun. 

 I spy a horse!  


24 thoughts on “Soaking Up the Sun

  1. What is so much fun here to me is that you CAN back up and stop and get out and take a photo. You CAN. So many times we see something and the moment is gone. Traffic behind me, or the camera was in the back seat, or whatever. Have I said how much I love life in the country? It’s a gift. Love the pics. :)

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