This World Full of Wonderful Friends

 Don’t you just love the possibility of new friendships? 

I mean, on any given day, there’s a chance of making a friend. That is pretty darn cool. 

Lately I’ve been thinking about how making friends has changed a bit through the years. 

Say like, back when my grandparents had young families, I’d guess that they met new people through family members, school, work, neighbors, church, doctors, the store, or maybe the beauty shop.

Most of those opportunities for making friends are still pretty true today. What I’ve noticed lately, is how much technology seems to come into play in the ability to make friends. 

When I started this blog in October, I was essentially fulfilling a dream of writing. I had no idea that becoming friends with other bloggers was even a possibility. 

It still amazes me that writing via the internet provides a platform for potential friendships to blossom. How cool is that? Pretty amazing. Especially when you consider that not that many years ago it was practically unheard of. 

I love the idea of how common interests draw like and like together. Similar to the quilting clubs or women’s church clubs, or book clubs of the past, its almost as if there’s a big writing/ readers club. 

On my blog’s Facebook page, I’ve “met” a lot of nice people as well. It’s interesting to consider I may not have met some of you kind folks that read my stories, if I hadn’t started blogging. 

What a great gift all of this is turning out to be and I’m just so blessed by this world full of wonderful friends. 

14 thoughts on “This World Full of Wonderful Friends

  1. I feel exactly the same way Jessica. When I started blogging I thought it would be just for me. A way to record my travels and stories. I never dreamed I’d grow to feel like I was a part of something bigger, a real community.

    And you’ve become a HUGE part of that. Even though we’ve never met i feel a kinship and real connection with you. Crazy isn’t it? But so so rewarding. If you ever decide to come to Australia, I’ll be waiting for you at the airport!! :-)

    Thanks for being out there my dear friend. xox

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  2. Ahh…that’s sweet, Jessica and so true. I found the same with blogging (I’m not on FB), making lovely friends and feeling a real connection. It’s wonderful and totally unexpected – I thought I was writing into a void, but it is amazingly personal and interactive. Thanks for the reminder.

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    • That is a great way to put it! A void. I agree!

      When I first started blogging, and I was contemplating the private audience vs public audience setting, I hesitated.

      Public? As in, EVERYBODY in the world? Yikes. Scared me a little, but I did it anyway.

      Before that, I’d had an issue with “releasing” my writing, letting it go from the safety of a notebook.

      I’m so glad I picked “public”. It’s opened many doors and I’ve essentially found so many friends I’d love to travel the world and see.

      If I ever make it to UK, prepare for your doorbell to ring! ❤️

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      • I’d love that!! Seriously, let me know and we definitely have to meet up. I don’t live too far from London. I’m hoping to go to America this summer but not near you neck of the woods – north Florida way. Oh, I think if you are doing a blog it has to be public, scary but so worth it.

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