Home Sweet Beach! 

Isn’t it so freeing to walk into your vacation rental and set down your bags?

Yesterday, after we stopped at the souvenir shop, we continued our drive east on highway 90 through some small Alabama towns until we stopped in Mobile for some groceries and supplies. 

Then, we turned south. A couple stops later, put us next to a tiny cemetery and I wandered over for a peek. 

We got back into the truck and before we knew it, we crossed the bridge to the island.

After one last stop at the management office, we got the keys to our beach house! Let the fun begin! We have arrived at our home sweet beach!   



40 replies to “Home Sweet Beach! 

  1. Looks so awesome Jessica. Lots of room for me and my tribe and my dog Harry too!! Seriously, enjoy it all … there’s nothing more therapeutic than breathing in that sea air, swimming in the ocean and indulging in seafood. :)

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      1. Well, you soak all of that up Jessica. Every ray of sunshine that beams, every bit of salt in that ocean doing your body good and healing. And taking away any worries that you have. This holiday is just what you need. xox

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          1. No but somehow I sensed some underlying stuff happening. Call it intuition maybe. I’m glad you washed them away, most of them are no good anyway! :)

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    1. Hey girl! How are you? Wish you were in the beach house next door! There’s only 4 houses between ours and the west end of the island. We could play!!

      Right now I’m eating lunch and staring at the ocean out the back door. Life is pretty darn fabulous!

      How’s the self hosted going? I can’t get something to work right so I can like or comment on your posts. I’ve been reading them, but am having sign in issues…:)

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      1. Oh me too! I’d knock on your door with the board game Clue and force y’all to play. 😎 Fun times lol. Enjoy to beach… there is nothing more relaxing than sun and sand. The self hosting thing is going great. It was WAY easier to get everything transferred and running than what I read online lol. Seemed like everyone had issues but it went pretty smoothly for me. Phew! Are you perchance using the WP app on Android to read my blog? I just spoke with someone else yesterday who was having the same issue but realized there’s an issue with the app.

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        1. Oh! Clue would be so fun! You’re right about the sand and sun. Right now the sea gulls are having gossip hour outside the door. They are really talking it up!

          I’m glad your switch was easier than you thought. I am using WP app to read, but it’s on iPhone 6. It’s prompting me to sign in and when I try, says there’s an error and won’t let me. I’ve tried several times. Just didn’t want you to think I wasn’t reading. :)

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