Iowa Via Florida

Have you ever noticed how our senses can affect our memories? 

A certain smell, a song, the texture of an old worn quilt, seeing a certain color or object, they all can seem to connect us to something that may not be right in front of us.

Yesterday, we went to Pensacola to the National Naval Aviation Museum. I’d heard really great things about it and they were right on! That place is so amazing. 

We were wandering about, looking at all the planes, playing with the interactive displays, climbing in and out of pilot seats, when I spotted my now favorite part of the museum. 

A street.

It’s a miniature version of what a Main Street would have resembled in 1943. There is a general store, a few shops, and a house with windows and a front porch that looked really welcoming.

The first step in leads to a living room with a fireplace, complete with pictures on the mantle. 

I stood there a second, taking in the room, when I saw the couch. Instantly, it was almost like I was transported back to my great grandpa’s house in Iowa many years ago. 

That hit me pretty sideways, I mean, I wasn’t even thinking about him. He’s been gone 30 years. His house was torn down. Yet none of that seemed to matter when I saw that room, that couch. 

A gift out of the blue on a Monday afternoon. You can probably imagine the smile that spread across my face then and is still on my face. 

Right now I am standing ankle high in the Mississippi Sound reflecting the first few days of our trip so far and watching my kiddo swim. 

A dolphin just swam by! A beautiful, majestic dolphin! Well, I am standing in its home, so it’s believable I guess.

But, Iowa via Florida? Umm… Not really. :) 


12 thoughts on “Iowa Via Florida

  1. Oh, my. You and Christyl have given me a great idea for a post: the fire engine red bathroom in the house where I grew up. No kidding. Dad was responsible, and I kid you not, it was the show-n-tell event for my sister and I when visitors came. Will think on that one. Meantime, I hope you are enjoying the cool coast (double meaning, there). :)

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    • Oh my gosh! YOU just reminded me of my childhood bedroom in Iowa when I was like 5. Red! Red and white mixed together painted bricks.

      The cool coast is going well. Rode the ferry today and had a big adventure. Writing about it…


  2. So true, our memories come back when we least expect them just to make us smile because we have such wonderful memories. My Dad’s mother had a purple room that my aunt’s grew up in and as a little girl I spent many nights in that room and every time I see a purple and white room it takes me back to those times…

    I hope you enjoy your trip…having lived in Florida almost my entire life, you have picked one of the best time to come for the milder weather and to beat some of the summer travelers.

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    • Ohhhh! I love your story of the purple room! Especially because it’s not a common color for a room, so when you do see it, I bet it’s a real treat!

      I didn’t know you’ve lived in Florida most of your life! How cool. I love what you said. Last year we came on Memorial Day weekend and it was hotter and crowded. This year we decided to take advantage of the spring rates, which end May 12, I think. The weather IS cooler and the beaches and traffic are quiet. :)

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  3. Grandma’s house always had a certain smell too. Like what she baked today or fresh laundry drying in the spare room. I remember it well.

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