Seeing the Sights

When you go on vacation, do you spend part of your time seeing the sights? 

Yesterday we went to the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola. 

It is really great. Admission is free and so is parking. There are some flight simulators that you can pay to ride. We did the 4D Blue Angels movie and it was really fun. 

The museum is family friendly and there are several hands on exhibits as well as a kid’s play area. 

I just thought I’d just share some photos in case anyone is interested in visiting it. We really enjoyed it! 


23 thoughts on “Seeing the Sights

    • Thank you so much! Next order of business is a helicopter ride! Last year we para-sailed over the ocean. Little Bit kept saying he wanted to fly, so we “flew”. It was a blast. This time we’re hoping to fly in a helicopter if weather permits!!:)

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    • Hi Annika. I’m so happy that you’re traveling along with me. Makes my trip even better!

      Man, I’d love to see your aviation museums and air shows! Between both I bet there’s some great history! 😍

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