Sharing a bit of Tart

Don’t you just love a good recipe?

A few weeks ago I saw that a blogger friend, Miriam, shared a recipe, which was a new thing for her to do. It sparked an idea for me, and I think I am going to try it.

After all, my Iowa roots are deep in homemade cooking and I think it’d be a fun subject to write about. My hope is to post recipes from cookbooks that my grandma’s have recipes published in and also some recipes I use and love. If I stumble across anything yummy, I’ll try to share it here as well.

I thought I’d kick off this new recipe adventure with Miriam’s tart. It looks refreshing and delicious at the same time.

I especially love how she put in that last phrase about putting on some music and dancing it off! Now that’s what I call celebrating dessert!

Out an' About

For all you dessert lovers out there I thought I’d follow up my last post with the recipe for my Peach and Raspberry Tart.  This is a first for me, posting a recipe and I don’t have any elaborate step by step pictures to guide you but it’s super easy and such a favorite amongst my family and friends that I simply had to share the love here.

cake quote

Peach and Raspberry Tart

What you need:

125g butter, softened

1 cup castor sugar

1 tsp vanilla essence

2 eggs

1.5 cups self raising flour, sifted

3 peaches , halved and cut into wedges (I often use sliced peaches from the can)

150g of your chosen berries (blueberries, raspberrries, blackberries, whatever you fancy.  I often use unthawed frozen ones if fresh aren’t in season)

I tablespoon icing sugar

What you do:

  1. Preheat oven to 170 degrees celsius.
  2. Grease a 9 inch normal…

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21 replies to “Sharing a bit of Tart

  1. I actually started a teensy private blog a while back but found it to be too many pages to keep after. That, and I preferred to be here at WP. I had lots of cooking photos and recipes there as well as other stuff, so I am going to transfer much of it here. I actually baked TODAY in prep for my new idea. Yes, we must meet some day! :)

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    1. Wow! I had no idea! How cool! Maybe we can each have our own books, probably be easier. But, fun to think about. Way to go on baking. I sat on the beach and watched dolphins. Now we’re starving. Ha!

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    1. Thought this was the perfect start to a new category of writing/ sharing. My grandmas would be excited for a recipe swap. Their cookbooks were full of cut out recipes from newspapers and magazines that I hope to share. Also, some recipes in the books are marked “must try” in their handwriting!

      I think that’s a sign to do some cooking! :)

      Can’t wait to try your recipe. We love fruit!

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      1. How wonderful. Mum used to have a mountain of cookbooks too, with hand written notes and favorites scrawled throughout. Can’t wait to see and share more recipes with you. :)

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        1. My grandmas were just a tad older than your mum. They were born in 1919. Although they were in different countries, I bet they shared some of the same values. I love that! Didn’t really surprise me much about your mum having lots of cookbooks with handwritten notes in them, too. That’s one of my favorite things and part of what makes cooking so special :) Wait til you see my mom’s carrot cake recipe! Yuuuuum!

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      2. I cannot believe what you wrote. I also have been thinking about posting a new category: Food. I love to cook and use our fresh farm grown foods. Oh, my, between us all, we should be seeing some pretty amazing recipes soon. :)

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  2. Wow, she uses two of my fav fruits.. peaches and berries.. Organic canned peaches are inexpensive, organic blackberries are expensive but for this tart, I’ll get them..
    Can’t wait to see some of your recipes !

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