Listening to the Wind

How’s the weather where you are? 

Today we woke up to the wind.

It is so breezy that it feels like Mother Nature rolled down the windows and set the fan to high. 

The flowers are blowing about, the flag down the street is whipping around, the palm trees are dancing recklessly, and the waves are rolling in. 

Sitting here on the porch swing, I’ve contemplated the difference between yesterday’s calm and the songs of today. 

I believe I’ll just sit here for awhile, listening to the wind.




17 thoughts on “Listening to the Wind

  1. I listen to a recording of thunderstorm and rain on youtube when I have trouble sleeping.. ocean waves, wind, waterfalls, running brooks and forest sounds are very popular relaxing recordings to fall to sleep with.. Not surprised you were lulled to sleep 😄

    I’ve heard different themes of music in the wind.. Happy free spirited music as brisk breezes rustle the leaves and branches with a fast tempo..
    The gentle breezes that whisper each note with relaxing rhythm..
    Then the scary horror flick music with strong winds that make gnarly gargantuan limbs creak sending chills down my spine 😮
    Wind is quite the performer, playing all the instruments of nature.

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