These Two Wonderful Weeks

Have you ever been on three islands in four  days?  

I can hardly believe it, but we have. Today we ventured to a place nearby that is known for its fishing, Elmer Island. 

We had a great afternoon there. My husband caught a fish, Little Bit swam in the sea, and I soaked up the scenery. 

On the way back to our beach house, we stopped and bought a couple pounds of fresh shrimp. You can do that here. How cool is that? 

Back home, the only shrimp we can buy are frozen. It’s quite a treat to stop by a stand, look in a cooler and order by the pound. I could get used to this!

Tomorrow is our last full day at the beach/ island. In a way, I’ll be happy to be home, yet I already miss this. 

The thing I will miss  the most is our family time. I’ll also miss the palm trees, the salty air, sand in my shoes, the ocean,  sleeping late, great meals, seeing Little Bit swim and play, the sunsets, and being on an island! 

Well, I guess that’s the great thing about vacations. We already know ahead of time that they’re going to end. That seems to make it easy to savor and embrace all the days from the beginning and all the days in between. 

That’s certainly what I’ve been trying to do on these two wonderful weeks. 





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