Glitter by the Handfuls 

Have you ever spent much time watching the birds at the beach? 

These past two weeks, as we’ve spent our days at the  Gulf of Mexico beaches, I’ve been paying attention to the birds. They are quite fascinating. 

At Dauphin Island, the pelicans seemed to hang out on the Mississippi Sound side quite often. I’m pretty sure if birds wore wrist watches, they would’ve been set at fish o’clock. 

Every afternoon they knew exactly when to dive down to catch fish for their lunch. 

One afternoon while we were across the street from our beach house, we saw people feeding seagulls from their deck.

Those birds seemed to be suspended as they ate the crumbs tossed mid air. 

I thought that was pretty cool, until a few afternoons later. I made my lunch and pulled a rocking chair to the deck to eat and watch the waves.

The next thing I knew, the seagulls started flying in, squawking at me, and got right in my face! They wanted my lunch!

Sorry fellas! 

I ran back inside. 

At Grand Isle, Louisiana, the house we stayed in faced the Gulf of Mexico. Every day the shrimp trawlers passed by and you wouldn’t believe all the birds that follow those shrimping boats! 

When I asked my husband if there was about a hundred birds behind one shrimp boat, he guessed that there was double or triple that amount. Can you imagine? 

Thursday morning we were packing and cleaning the house up for our departure from Grand Isle, and I took a break and walked to the beach.

As soon as I topped the dune, I heard what sounded like chit chat. There were tons of seagulls on my right, sitting at the water’s edge. 

On my left, more seagulls were flying in as far as I could see. They came and landed with the rest. 

Then, a lady walked by, right next to them. Man, those birds dispersed. It was something to see! She kept right on walkin’ and they kept right on flyin’. They went way out over the ocean. 

When she was gone, they all gathered back in the same exact spot they had been in before she came along. 

I’m pretty sure for the rest of my days, I’ll remember all those birds flying away at the same time. 

It was soooooo amazing. It looked like someone was standing on the beach throwing up glitter by the handfuls. 

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