Two T-shirts 

When you go on vacation, do you take home a souvenir?

Sometimes we do. For instance, last year my husband and Little Bit got shirts from a restaurant we really liked in Orange Beach, Alabama. 

When we were leaving Grand Isle, Louisiana a few days ago, for our “souvenir”, we did something a bit different. We stopped at a seafood shop on the canal to buy some fresh shrimp to take home. 

I have to say, it was definitely a different shopping experience than we’re used to. Here at home, the only shrimp we can get is in the frozen section of the grocery store.

When we walked into the seafood shop, it looked similar to an open type warehouse. In the middle were three large containers. 

One was full of ice and the others were brimming with fresh shrimp. It was really neat to see. I mean, here this place was, right near the water, with shrimp boats docked just outside. 

All we had to do was, walk up to the containers and choose which size we wanted (there were three), and tell them how many pounds. 

A few moments later, he had them scooped into the scale, bagged up, and ready to go. From start to finish, including paying for the shrimp, the whole process took about ten minutes. 

For our trip back home, we had a separate cooler and ice for the shrimp, and stopped every few hours to make sure they were still iced down. They made it home wonderfully.

Last night my husband cleaned, bagged, and put them in the freezer. Months from now I can just hear the conversation as we sit down to a delicious meal of gulf shrimp. 

We’ll probably talk about how much fun it was to stop there, then chuckle when we recall that the amount we paid for the fifteen pounds came to less than the price of two t-shirts. 

18 thoughts on “Two T-shirts 

  1. Wow. What a unique idea for souvenirs :) Loved it. We also end up buying t-shirts, purses etc. of the countries and famous cities we have been to. But one thing we mandatorily do is buy magnets of the place :) It looks so awesome on a board and esp the 3d ones look so charming. Something which does not go too deep into your purse yet brings back fond memories :)

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  2. Memories are the most important souvenirs from any time spent with the people most important in our lives. They are the one irreplaceable thing you carry with you to the end.

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  3. What a great idea, much more fun than t-shirts! I love bringing home food souvenirs. Depending on the area it might be seafood, chocolate, honey or jam … I’ve even brought home cheese from a dairy! I’m making myself hungry just thinking about it! Nice post Jess. :)

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