The Rain Has Stopped 

How is your weather today? 

Since we returned from vacation, it has been cold! In fact, when we were driving home from Louisiana, the further north we got, the more the temperature dropped. 

This morning, the thermometer read 41 degrees. For several days, water has been pouring out of the sky like a constant drip of a soaker hose. Cold and wet. 

It’s almost like the clouds have a flashing No Vacancy sign up and have uninvited the sun to join in on this day. 

That’s ok though, I just got back from a walk to the mailbox and even though the hours seem dark, there is a light of different sorts shining. 

Wildflowers. They’re standing tall, strutting their stuff. Looking beyond beautiful on such a gray day. It’s almost like they don’t notice that the sun is off jet setting elsewhere this week. Perhaps like me, they’re just quite happy that for now, the rain has stopped.

24 thoughts on “The Rain Has Stopped 

  1. Glad the rain has stopped and given you a chance to appreciate the flowers. After a warm beautiful start to May we have had cooler but dry days (so far…) Half term holidays beckon – and guess what, yep, rain forecast! As usual!

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    • That’s a great way to look at it! The rain stops and the flowers take the stage. I guess I got spoiled on vacation with the warmer temps. I’m guessing about mid July when it’s 102, I’ll be missing these cool, rainy days. :)

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