We Took the Walk

Do you ever decide to go for an unplanned stroll? Like you’re going through your day and suddenly decide to just step into the scenery for a few minutes? 

A few weeks ago I wrote a story called “Take the Walk”. (If you’d like to read it, here’s the link.) It was my realization that busy is simply a matter of perspective. 

The day before we left for vacation, Little Bit and I were in town and it was the most beautiful sunny day. He suggested going for a walk and we didn’t because we had all this stuff to do. In my story, I share my lessons learned by not going for a walk that day. 

Yesterday, we were back in town. Guess who suggested a walk again? This time, I threw busy to the wind. 

Our little town did not disappoint. It’s full of history and beautiful things to see. You wouldn’t believe the fun we had, when this time we took the walk. 

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