The Blacksmiths Tree Project

Don’t you just love the capacity of the human heart and how when others are hurting, people seem to drop what they’re doing and help out?

Last night a blogging friend, Genevieve, wrote about the fires in Alberta and reading it got me to thinking about the beauty of the human spirit.

I love how when disaster strikes, differences seem to melt away, leaving an almost united force of good.

When I read Miriam’s story, I knew I wanted to share it. This tree! This glorious tree. The memories, the history, the details on the leaves… Oh my.

It reminds me of Glory, the tree in our back yard. I just wrote a story about it a few days ago. Writing and even reading it, put tears in my eyes. I think it was simply the symbolism that trees have that parallel our lives.

This monument that Miriam writes about is beyond amazing. Thank you for letting me share it, Miriam.

Out an' About

In Strathewen beautiful mosasic letterboxes signify the rebirth of a country community that was devastated by bushfire back in 2009. I wrote about it last week.  Just a couple of kilometres out of the tiny settlement is an amazing tree that I nearly missed when I was there recently.  And which I revisited today.


It’s located at the Peter Avoca Memorial Pavillion, a place you could easily drive through without blinking an eye lid if you didn’t know the history.

After bush fire ravaged this area it was a long time before rebuilding was complete and residents moved back in to start a new life.  Today it’s a lovely country drive but not really on the way to anywhere significant.  An ordinary Australian community.


Then in the middle of nowhere, you see it. Beyond the pavilion.  A tree reaching to the sky, seemingly blending into nature but quite a separate…

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4 thoughts on “The Blacksmiths Tree Project

  1. Thanks so much Jessica. As I said to you, I love the fact that the tree memorial reminded you of your Glory Tree. I love the symbolism that it stands for and the resilience and strength. Hugs xo

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