A Sink with a View

Dishes anyone?

When I saw this lovely utilitarian object in the sand while on vacation, I had to chuckle. It looked so at home there, beached up and ready to be used! 

Made me want to run and find some play dishes. After all, who wouldn’t love a sink with a view? 

10 thoughts on “A Sink with a View

  1. Sad how things come to to be where they shouldn’t be and the thought that the hurricane displaced it even worse. I do like how it made for a good shot though- a bit surreal! :-)

  2. Sad to think how it might have got there. But on the bright side maybe it’s now making a nice bath tub for some wildlife, or perhaps an outdoor cafe for some seabirds! :)

    • Yes ma’am. It’s definitely made its way from somewhere, hurricane or otherwise. Love the outdoor cafe/ bath tub. Can just picture it! :) Wish I’d have brought it home. Would’ve made a nice play sink by the garden with a memory attached. :)

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