Over Cookies

Do you like cookies? 

Mmm. Me, too, and until yesterday, I had no idea the gifts that could come from some oats, cinnamon, raisins, and honey. 

One of my really good friends is having some rough days. She lost her momma on Tuesday and said her goodbyes on Friday. In four days, her life flipped upside down. 

I’ve pretty much been at a loss for what to do, so I did what I always do, I started cooking. 

Three casseroles, some pork chops, a chocolate cake, and two bags full of cookies later, I was on my way to her house to drop it off. 

We live about an hour apart and I left my rural area to get there. Where I take her exit off the highway, there are three lanes that turn left. I was sitting in the middle lane, several cars back from the red light. 

Then, I saw him. A man was standing on the side of the road on my left and one car up. There weren’t any cars behind that car. 

He held a cardboard sign, and honestly, I have no idea what it said. I just watched him. He was staring into that car beside him. Head held high, all vulnerabilities laid at his feet, and just staring. 

Then, he turned his head to the left and looked down. And, my heart broke. 

I can’t even imagine what that’s like. To be looking right at somebody and to not be seen. When I step into those imaginary shoes, my tears just run. They’re running now.

Well, there’s something you probably ought to know about me. It’s a lesson I learned about five years ago on the radio. A gal said, “If you get the urge to do something kind, just do it. Don’t question it.” Since then, I try live my life that way. 

The light turned green and traffic started moving. Suddenly, I looked at my seat full of food, glanced in the mirror to see if it was safe, rolled down my window, and hollered,

“I don’t have any money, but I have cookies!”

You should have seen his face! Pure joy! It was that kind of happiness that can’t be duplicated or faked! 

And, it’s like the timing was perfectly orchestrated. There was no car on my left, he was able to step across safely, and instead of the car behind me blaring their horn, they waited.

When I arrived at my friend’s house, I started telling her what happened to her second bag of cookies and in that moment, a tiny  miracle happened: 

A smile spread across her face. 

I mean, this is someone who has spent a week in the grips of grief, has had her momma yanked away from her, who hasn’t slept in four days, and there she stood, SMILING. 

Over cookies.  

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