Enough to Share

Do you have a phrase that sort of lives in your back pocket and no matter where you are in your day or in your life, you think of it? 

For me, several phrases come to mind, but there is one in particular that’s been plastered to my heart with imaginary tape ever since my friend uttered it several years ago. 

Back then, another friend was quite down on his luck. His bills were piling up, his groceries were running low, and his spirit was crushed with worry. 

Money was pretty slim for us as well, but what followed became a lesson in “a lot of littles can make a lot.” 

After some brainstorming, the idea of a basket filled items to help him out, fell into my lap. I started asking my friends and family to help me fill it and man, did they ever! 

By the time it was all said and done, his cabinets, refrigerator, and freezer were packed with food,  his girls had been showered with gifts, and his  faith was renewed. 

It was in the midst of that gathering when my friend changed my “giving” outlook, and quite honestly, changed my life. 

The lesson?

It doesn’t take a grand gesture to make a difference. 

Her words?

“If I have enoughI have enough to share.


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