WPC: Curves I have seen

Don’t you just love how the visual aspects of a particular word can be different depending on someone’s experiences?

Take the word “curve”. When I think of curve, in my mind, I picture the windy road I live on, the roundness of my son’s trampoline, and the edges of a butterfly’s wings.

I saw this post on one of my favorite blogs, and I love it because of all the ways “curve” relates to her life. I thought it’d be fun to share it. Thank you, Sylvia for letting me!


For this week’s Photo Challenge, Cheri says “Get inspired by the curves around you. From curves in architecture to bends in nature to man-made undulations.”

I think the most impressive curved piece of architecture I’ve ever seen, is the Colosseum in Rome. Opened in AD 80, it was the largest amphitheatre of the Roman Empire, and for many years was the site of gory combats between man and beast.


Not too far away from the Colosseum, in the heart of  the Vatican City, is the curved dome of St Peter’s Basilica, designed by Michelangelo and completed in 1590, twenty-six years after his death. This is the largest dome of Christianity in the world, being 136m high and 42 m in diameter.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERANot to be outdone, today hubby is busy spackling his dome, which is nowhere near as big or fancy as Michelangelo’s, but a lot of work nevertheless. I hope…

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