Seventies Summer: Rollerskating

When you were a kid, did you go rollerskating? 

Man, we did! My parents would load us and all of our friends up in our station wagon and off we’d go.

Talk about some good sports! Can you imagine hauling 10 kids 20-40 miles to the nearest town that had a skating rink? 

Yesterday my husband, Little Bit, and I went skating. I felt kind of bad that we didn’t get to go in a station wagon, but we made do! 

We weren’t the only ones who had our eyes set on a Saturday afternoon of trying to stay upright on wheels. The parking lot was packed and there were families everywhere. 

At first, I wasn’t going to skate, but I could hardly stand it! Before I knew it, I was lacing up skates myself.

All 3 of us were pretty wobbly, but we had the best time! The music had a good beat, the disco balls were spinning, and they even turned on the lights for a game of the hokey pokey! 

Now I understand why mom and dad always took us rollerskating. It’s a pretty inexpensive way to get out of the summer heat, spend time as a family, and it is oh, so fun! 

27 thoughts on “Seventies Summer: Rollerskating

  1. Great memories at the roller rink! Our town’s rink closed a couple of years ago. There is a fancy new one of course, but it’s just not the same. Thanks for the “memory reminder”, will have to go to the new one with the kids and make new memories!

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    • Oh man! Bummer that the old one closed! But, I guess at least you have an option. I’m excited that you’ll get to make new memories. I bet those memories will stay with them, just like ours stay with us! :)

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  2. This brings back so many fun memories from my childhood. I loved skating. Backward skating, Limbo, speed skating and the dreaded couple skating were the highlights of my summer days. I lived in Wichita so I was able to go a lot. My cousin and I would walk to Joyland Roller Skating Rink at least two or three times a week. Roller skating to Rockin Robin was definitely one of my favorite childhood memories. Loved this story Jessica!!

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    • Well hi Kim! What a huge surprise!! Thank you so much for commenting! How awesome that skating was such a wonderful part of your childhood! I’m pretty jealous that you got to walk to the skating rink!

      Oh my gosh! I forgot about couple skating! That is hilarious. I bet you were great at backward skating, Limbo, and speed skating. No wonder you looked like such a natural when we went that time!

      I’m so glad you loved this story, means sooooo much to me! Thank you! :)


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