Seventies Summer: Swimming

Did you go swimming a lot when you were a kid? 

When I was growing up, we lived in town and during the summer either mom would take us to the pool, or we’d ride our  bikes. Those days are among my best childhood memories. 

Back then, there was a high dive and a low dive and my amazing mom used to go off the boards. She’d swim with us and we’d stay at the pool all day. 

I never forgot how fun it was to go to the pool with mom, so I used to take Little Bit to our local pool a lot. Then, they closed it and now the nearest town pool is 40 miles away. 

But here’s something cool, we can go swimming any time we want, thanks to some good old fashioned swimmin’ holes a mile down the road. 

My husband, Little Bit, and I headed down to the river this morning. I can’t even begin to tell you how refreshing that water was. 

We still make the drive to go to regular swimming pools as well, but swimming in that river is pretty big treat. 

27 thoughts on “Seventies Summer: Swimming

  1. Very nice. have mixed memories when it comes to swimming Jess. I nearly drowned in a waterhole when I was little so I was always pretty scared of the water after that. Even though I still loved going to the beach and being near water I was always so wary. It was only after I met my hubby that I finally learned. Now when the weather’s warm you can’t keep me out of the water. I love it. And I’ve made sure both my kids learnt to swim! ♡♡

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  2. We lived near a rapid and COLD river when growing up that we were forbidden to visit. That wasn’t a problem for me because I’ve never been a strong swimmer. Even so, I love being in the water, love how it feels. If I stay close to the edge of something, I won’t sink to the bottom. ;) Your little wading pool there looks absolutely great for a hot day. :)

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    • I don’t blame you for not getting in rapid water. With bunches of rain, this river will get high quick. Like, scary high.

      You could come here and swim with us. The water’s just right and the swimming hole is about 5 foot with lots of shallow areas. I’ll bring the Rolos!! 😊


  3. what a lovely post Jessica! im very fortunate that i started a round of physical therapy 7 months ago at a rehab/gym not ten minutes from my home in a salt water pool for fibromyalgia and arthritis my body was completely locked i could not move much at all. like i was frozen. being determined i joined the gym so i could use the pool anytime i wanted so ive been playing in the water right straight through the bitter cold winter and i have to say it makes me feel like a kid again! its working wonders for my conditions as well as my mental well being that is for sure! now all that being said your description of the river oh my goodness sounds like a dream! ps i miss the 70s i say it all the time and ppl laugh but i do! it was a simpler time just so easy going..aaahhhh big sigh <3

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  4. I’ve also noticed that many of the outdoor community swimming pools in my area have closed in recent years. It’s too bad – though it sounds absolutely wonderful to swim in the river. What fun!

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    • Oh darn that your area pools closed, too! They’re talking about building and opening a new one here, but it won’t be until 2018!

      There’s such a charming quality to the river. The water is crystal clear. You can see to the bottom. There were so many fish today and we swam right with them. :)

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