The War Is Almost Over

Do you know anyone who is or was in the military?

A few weeks ago, I saw this story, and honestly, it pulled on my heart strings. 

I have known people that were in the service, but I’ve rarely personally known anyone that has walked out of conflict and had to live a regular life afterwards. 

I decided to share this story with you because, while there is a part of it that is quite graphic, the emotions behind the story itself are quite enlightening.

I also like how he showcases his father and the beauty of Maine.

Thank you, Weird Guy With The Dog, for letting me share this. 

My hope is that it will shed a little light into what it’s like to not only live with someone who is dealing with things most people will never understand, but also to remember that people truly are more than the experiences they’ve had.

I went to visit my father today at the Togus VA Hospital in Augusta Maine. Like all my other visits I first took Vinny for a walk around the grounds. It was an overcast day today, but still a beaut…

Source: The War Is Almost Over

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