28 thoughts on “Five Pinks and My Dog

      • well you are very good at it! that queen annes lace and the calla lily as well as many of your others are totally frame worthy! imagine a wall of all flowers and nature honestly if i had any wall space left i would start framing my flowers hahahaa again i need all the help i can get through the winter!

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  1. omgoodness your pup is adorable! and your queen annes lace is pink?! that is queen annes lace right? hahaa whatever it is i love it! pink is my most favorite of all! <3

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    • Hi. Thanks. He seemed quite content. :) Yes! Can you believe those are Queen Anne’s Lace?????

      5 pink blooms on one plant! I nearly fell over! :) The whole road is lined with white ones which is amazing to see every day. They’re sooooo beautiful.

      But, pink??? Icing on the cake! :)

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