Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve

Isn’t it neat to be able to see the world through someone else’s eye?

That is definitely one thing I LOVE about cameras. They give us the ability to stand in someone else’s shoes for a moment, and sometimes that puts us in a place we’ve never been.

I wanted to share this post with you, not only is the bridge beautiful and those trees are full of gorgeous color, but also because, to me, these photographs evoke the sense of a wonderful story untold.

I can just imagine geese near the trees and a family taking a walk.

Thank you, Lisa, for letting me share!

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15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve

      • Well that was “fresh” of you to even want to share it – because it says something about your joy (not to sound cheesy) and I really love your point about how photos allow us to see the world thru other eyes…..
        Well said…..

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          • oh thanks for asking –
            doing very well.
            and I have to tell you that I think it is because I processed so much that first week.
            That is just how I am – ya know – I feel and I process well….
            it also does help that my sweet pet was a senior and for some reason I have amazing peace – like we had a “new” dog sitter here in June for our other pet and I shared the video and story about Cody – and she was balling – in tears! I was not…. because like I said -I just have this peace – it is very cool.
            I will see how things keep going – and I am still not able to make his collage video – mostly because of time… but that might be all heart tugs and tears – so I am going to wait and do it maybe in five years – ha! or maybe next year.

            and side note… the other dog we have is also doing well. This is what we worried about (AND maybe I should make a blog post with this update… i think I will) :)
            but the other dog is fine – walks have adjusted – and maybe he likes the extra attention. The only big difference is sometimes when we all go upstairs for the evening – he will whine (short and quiet whines) at the stairs (our dogs do not come upstairs – or very rarely do) – anyhow, it never lets up…. so I go down – talk to him – pet him and give him some time – maybe a little snacky…. and then he stops. A little TLC…. and this has only been in the last couple of months.

            anyhow, truly thanks for asking – and hope you have a nice day.


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            • Oh, I’m so glad you responded. I’ve been wondering how you’re doing. I bet you’re right about senior dogs and passing. We’ve never lost a senior yet, lost a couple way too young. Glad your other dog is doing well. It seems hard on them when they lose dog friends. I bet he’s loving your extra TLC. I’d guess having another one to care for makes the hurt a wee bit less… Thank you for checking in!

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